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Stimulation Software and Advisory Services

Stimulation Software and Advisory Services


Premier stimulation software and advisory services arm clients with the tools and knowledge to ask and answer key questions about stimulation treatments.

Our StimPlan™ hydraulic fracturing software – developed by NSI – allows users to analyze their own data, and design treatments without relying on service companies.

Our experts can help analyze how past treatments have performed and advise on design optimization for future treatments.

StimPlan™ utilizes a unique combination of physics, geomechanics, and gridded reservoir simulation tools to help engineers create, design and analyze their hydraulic fracturing models.

Our completions engineering experts conduct regular training sessions that help our clients enhance their understanding of stimulated completions and take full advantage of the StimPlan™ toolkit. This includes integration of log and core data to build the most accurate geomechanical model, fracturing pressure analysis to determine fracture and reservoir properties, and planar 3D simulation for fracture studies and history matching.

Using StimPlan™ in combination with Premier’s stimulation advisory services and training helps our clients increase well productivity and reduce stimulation costs. Our philosophy is to help clients understand why they are doing what they are doing, what data is needed, and how this data is used to come up with the most effective results. This helps them improve workflows and avoid costly mistakes.


Key Results

  • Premier stimulation software and advisory services provide accurate, data driven stimulation designs and practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to optimize stimulation designs and well performance.