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Corex is now Premier Oilfield Group


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Founded in the 1980s, COREX became one of the world’s leading independent core analysis providers before joining the Premier Oilfield Group in December 2016.

Premier inherited - and continues to grow -  COREX centers of excellence in Aberdeen (Scotland) and Cairo (Egypt), as well as front-line laboratories in Noida (India), Basra (Iraq), and Abu-Dhabi (UAE).

In addition to routine and special core analysis, COREX was known as a pioneer in formation damage assessment, an area of continued global leadership within Premier today. Other services provided around the globe include reservoir geology and geochemistry, advanced imaging (NMR, µ-CT, SEM), PVT testing and analysis, and IOR/EOR testing and consultancy.

Premier is proud to build on the reputation of innovation and excellent customer service that COREX has established over 40+ years, supporting clients throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, and Australia.