Our goal is to assist our clients in increasing their reserves, recover more hydrocarbons and generate greater financial returns by enabling more efficient and effective decisions.

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Formation damage Experts

Most hydrocarbon reservoirs have been in a state of relative equilibrium for millions of years. In attempting to release hydrocarbons, well operations disturb the natural balance of ancient hydrocarbon bearing strata causing formation damage or stimulation. Formation Damage can occur during any stage of a well’s lifecycle. Failure to address this can result in missed opportunities, deferred production, lost production or injection. The global cost of Formation Damage is estimated as billions of dollars annually. Remedial operations producing even a 1.5% increase in permeability can unlock millions of dollars.


Corex is now Premier Oilfield Group


Founded in the 1980s, COREX became one of the world’s leading independent core analysis providers before joining the Premier Oilfield Group in December 2016.

Premier inherited - and continues to grow - COREX centers of excellence in Aberdeen (Scotland) and Cairo (Egypt), as well as front-line laboratories in Noida (India), Basra (Iraq), and Abu-Dhabi (UAE).

In addition to routine and special core analysis, Premier COREX is known as a pioneer in formation damage assessment, an area of continued global leadership within Premier today. Other services provided around the globe include reservoir geology and geochemistry, advanced imaging (NMR, µ-CT, SEM), PVT testing and analysis, and IOR/EOR testing and consultancy.

Premier is proud to build on the reputation of innovation and excellent customer service that COREX has established over 40+ years, supporting clients throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, and Australia.

our history

Acquired by Premier Oilfield Group in 2016, Corex UK Ltd has over the last 40+ years become recognized as one of the worlds leading providers of independent consultancy and specialist services primarily in the analysis of geological and fluid samples.

  • 1975
    Foundation of COREX formed as part of the UK national coal board
  • 1978
    Acquised by 505 are merged with their fluid testing group to form Redwood COREX
  • 1981
    Relocated to aberder Scotland
  • 1987
    COREX Egypt formed
  • 1988
    Acquired by Petrophysical Services Ltd Irom SGS. Name changed to COREX services
  • 1989
    Setup of Formation Damage Group in Aberdeen
  • 1994
    Acquired by MP Services Ltd. Name changed to COREX (UK) Ltd
  • 2000
    Acquisition of Well Performance Technology based at BP Sonbury site
  • 2002
    Kazcore REsearch Joint Venture formed
  • 2004
    Acquisition of the core analysis business and assest of Fugro Robertson
  • 2006
    COREX Libya branch / COREX Holdings Cyprus formed
  • 2007
    COREX AlMansoori Jont Yantara formod in Abu Dhati with AlMansoori Specialized Engireering
  • 2013
    COREX ALMansoori local operation setup in Erbil Kurelation Development of digital rock technology in Formation Damage testing
  • 2014
    Setup of EOR Facility in Aberdeen and Formation Damaca facility in Egypt
  • 2016
    Wirnera of the Commitment to Inracato,e Research & Development Award af The Northern Star Business Awards 2016. Placed 2nd in the IP100
  • 2016
    Acquired by Premier Oilfied Group
  • 2018
    Expansion into Noida, India with local Laboratory setup
  • 2019
    Expansion into Al Ahmadi, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, UAE with local Laboratory setups
  • 2019
    Placed 4th in IP10 League Table
  • TheFuture
    Continue to grow and globalize client base, territories and service portfolios to provide reservair and completions solutions that will assist clients increate reserves, recover more hydrocarbori and generate greater


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Corex Commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, and the Environment (QHSE)


At Premier COREX, we value people and teamwork, customer focus, quality, and accountability. We are committed to living those values every day, as we conduct our operations, make business decisions, and choose how to interact with others.

We’re committed to our employees, each of whom brings a unique perspective and value to our organization; to our customers, without whom we would not be in business; and to the communities in which we operate.
We’re also committed to creating a safety-first culture and an incident-free workplace, so that our employees and guests return home safely each day. We provide our employees with extensive health, safety, and environmental training to aid them in achieving this vision – and we count on our clients’ and vendors’ participation and commitment to the same goals.

It is our firm belief that work-related illness and injuries can be prevented through effective HSE management, and we are continuously monitoring our performance and working to improve our policies, processes, and procedures.
We also understand that delivering consistent, high-quality data and analyses is a critical requirement in building and maintaining the trust of our clients, which allows us to win their business today and in the future. We are continuously working to measure and improve the quality of our operations.

  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System – OHAS 18001:2007 >> CLICK HERE
  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015