we are premier

We believe the data-driven oil and gas industry is here, and that generating and sharing relevant data from rock and fluid samples is the key to more effective and efficient hydrocarbon development.

We’ve assembled world-class experts, facilities, and platforms to produce that data, make it readily accessible, and help our clients share it effectively.

We generate, aggregate, interpret, and deliver consistent, high-quality data that are of immediate value to oil and gas companies.

our history

Premier Corex was formed in May 2016 under the private equity sponsorship of CSL Capital Management. Over the next six quarters, the team acquired and integrated six businesses, focused on the generation and interpretation of rock and fluid data:



Laboratory assets of FTSI – significant expertise and lab capabilities related to water chemistry, stimulation fluid systems, proppant evaluation, production enhancement, and flow assurance.


Mud Geochemical Acquisition

MUD Geochemical – early-stage business applying rapid elemental analysis on core and drill cuttings to optimize horizontal well placement and completion design.



COREX Limited – international provider of routine and special core analysis, PVT analysis, and EOR analysis, with centers of excellence in Aberdeen, UK and Cairo, Egypt.


Conocophillips Labs Acquisition

Subsurface R&D assets of ConocoPhillips – deep expertise, lab capabilities, and unique workflows related to unconventional (very low permeability) rock characterization, rock mechanics, imaging of rock fabric, measurement of dynamic rock properties (rock mechanics), and enhanced oil recovery (EOR).


Midland & OKC Labs Formed

Midland & OKC Labs Formed – Established laboratories in Midland, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to collect, process, and characterize rock and fluid samples in convenient proximity to highly active areas such as the Permian Basin and SCOOP/STACK.


Midland Sample Library Acquisition

Midland International Sample Library – a unique collection of drill cuttings and core samples from over 200,000 wells, covering all major US basins, which Premier saved from imminent destruction and is now restoring and digitizing as the Premier Sample Library.



During 2018, the company coalesced under a new brand and gained significant market traction.  Recognizing that the data-driven oil and gas industry is here, we have emphasized our commitment to generating and sharing rock and fluid data by reorganizing our capabilities into three areas: Data Generation, Data Aggregation, and Data Analysis & Interpretation.

We have established new business models that facilitate cost-effective data generation through cost-sharing approaches, and that help groups of clients to solve common challenges through shared data workspaces. These new ways of doing business set Premier Corex apart from other testing-focused laboratories.


Our Commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, and the Environment (QHSE)

At Premier, we value people and teamwork, customer focus, quality, and accountability. We are committed to living those values every day, as we conduct our operations, make business decisions, and choose how to interact with others.

We’re committed to our employees, each of whom brings a unique perspective and value to our organization; to our customers, without whom we would not be in business; and to the communities in which we operate.

We’re also committed to creating a safety-first culture and an incident-free workplace, so that our employees and guests return home safely each day. We provide our employees with extensive health, safety, and environmental training to aid them in achieving this vision – and we count on our clients’ and vendors’ participation and commitment to the same goals.

It is our firm belief that work-related illness and injuries can be prevented through effective HSE management, and we are continuously monitoring our performance and working to improve our policies, processes, and procedures.

We also understand that delivering consistent, high-quality data and analyses is a critical requirement in building and maintaining the trust of our clients, which allows us to win their business today and in the future. We are continuously working to measure and improve the quality of our operations.